Weekend Writing Warriors- December 14, 2014

 Weekend Writing Warriors –  It would be great to connect with other horror readers/writers.  I struggle to capture the ominous tone, create the appropriately spooky setting, and introduce characters who don’t annoy you…  

Without further ado, here’s an 8 sentence snippet from the first chapter of a new, yet-untitled Work in Progress (WIP).  

He lifted the door to the root cellar, first on one side, and then the other. They yawned open to the left, and then to the right. Each fell with a dull and wooden thud, revealing a hole with stairs that faded down root cellarinto darkness. The hard-cider smell of fermenting apples coupled with the organic must of earth rose from the room below.

Come, said the boy. Let’s have an adventure. He stroked her cheek.

Ladies first.


NaPoWriMo 28

Today NaPoWriMo suggests writing a poem based on a news article.  So I picked a random article from the Poughkeepsie Journal and let it inspire today’s poem.  Here you go:


I’m accusing you of criminal mischief.

I saw you walking down Mina Drive

Smoking and laughing

Surrounded by dogs

Holding some poor girls heart

Dripping and bleeding

Your friends laughing and laughing

In a manner suggestive

Of public lewdness.

NaPoWriMo 25

NaPoWriMo’s prompt is to write an Anaphora, which makes use of repeated phrases…  I was just going to bed and it’s nearing midnight, so I offer an Anaphora Haiku….


Big white summer’s moon–moonlight-on-cove

the cry of the whippoorwill

the cry of the loon.


Your cries sweep the lake

and I stand on the shore line

and cry along, too.