More from the August Postcard Poetry Festival 2015 Archive

It’s August eve and here’s another poem that went out during the postcard poetry fest last year. Let me know if you didn’t join the August Postcard Poetry Festival 2016  but would like to receive a poem anyway!    Advertisements

More from the 2015 August Postcard Poetry Archive

August Postcard Poetry Festival 2016  is on! The participants begin sending postcard poems out in late July, so they’ll arrive as August does. Revisiting the 2015 archives, I thought I’d share my poems from last year. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

More from the 2105 August Postcard Poetry Festival

On the brink of August, I’m revisiting poems from last year’s  August Postcard Poetry Festival. Here’s another, composed on the spot, onto a postcard- no editing! Those are the rules. Although registration is closed for 2016, go ahead and write postcard poems and send them to certain someones you’re fond of…

August Postcard Poetry Festival – A 2015 Retrospective

August Postcard Poetry Festival 2016 is upon us. Alas, registration is closed, but here are my postcard poems from last year to inspire more poets to participate in the years ahead. We’re all poets, really. Honest. Imagine opening your mail box all month to find poems written just for you! My 2015 poems were contemporaneously composed onto postcards- no editing! Those…