2018 can be beautiful…

Painting by Albert Anker: Schoolgirl with Her Slate

In 2018, let’s ease up.

Let’s stop being jerks, and see the abundant goodness in people.

Let’s lay down our swords and shields. Every slight doesn’t have to be matched. Everyone different isn’t stupid or evil. Let’s form opinions from facts, and work for our beliefs with diplomacy. Let’s be kind, even when there seems zero payback. In the end, we’re empowered by the good we do. Let’s do better.


goodness surrounds you.

So much is subtle, so much understated.

Let your heart be keen to mercy

and you’ll hear its call,  in flight, above rough seas.

Toss your own kindnesses to the waves-

they’re lifelines to those around you

who flounder.

~ Rosanne Braslow


A Winter’s Day – oil painting by Marie Martine, 2011










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