Hush Now

sometimes the world  grows tired of our stories, our clever talk. so listen, and let silence be a salve for so many useless words Advertisements

No Place Like Home

Click your heels It was supposed to be easy to get back to the place where you shook off extra wheels, your dad letting go, you letting yourself go,            boy! did you go Now at the end of your wobbling u-turns is just  free-wheeling you looking for a way home  

What We Knew of Cavendish

What Cavendish knew could set your hair afire make you sink every ducat in your purse clink clink clink into the brass box make you light a candle or two drop to your knees and wish you didn’t know you knew him.

April is Poetry Month…

Wisely, you bundled against the cold. But summer found you on the shore, wool scarf wound round and round and on your head, some bad hat to hold in the ancient ideas. It’s hard to build castles with your mittens full of sand. The eternal sound of the tide loud in your shell-shaped ear. Salt water floods your boots,…