As the world turns, poems make for better days…

The world looks infinitely outward, while you turn infinitely in. Your journey is wrapped in red ribbons. 

With the 2017 August Post Card Poetry Festival concluded, I’m nostalgic for last year’s work. Here are 2016’s poems and their post cards… consider it an August in review. If you missed this year’s fest and would like a postcard, let me know. I’ll send one and it doesn’t even need to be August… 

She had much on her mind,

the weight of the world, it seemed.

But she dreamed of abundance,

a wealth of daily charms,

and for the world, she wished,

a crack at redemption,

a laying down of arms.

Oh, what chance, she thought,

does this spinning world have?

So, she took up batons,

one in each hand,

she twirled wildly

and danced. Danced.




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