When the city is too much, a poem can be a walk in the woods

A welcome mat of pine needles is laid across the forest, just for you. Heady with balsam, you discover that heaven is lined with tall firs. The chattering squirrel agrees, though he wonders why you hadn’t known this all along.

With the 2017 August Post Card Poetry Festival concluded, I’m nostalgic for last year’s work. Here are 2016’s poems and their post cards… consider it an August in review. If you missed this year’s fest and would like a postcard, let me know. I’ll send one and it doesn’t even need to be August… 

Be a tourist.

Take a sequence of busses

to a series of stops.

If they don’t take you where you’re going,

swing from sign to puzzling sign- 

each designed to shake you up, or

take you downtown, then

follow the owls to the forest

where a florist spreads

a welcome mat of pine needles

below skyscraper branches.





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