For the road, toss Lunch Poems in the bag with the pretzels…

The RV is stocked with salty Virginia peanuts. In the cooler: two deviled hams on Wonder, schmeared with Mr. Mustard. Throw in a jar of crisp cornichons, the Gewurztraminer, and go.

With the 2017 August Post Card Poetry Festival concluded, I’m nostalgic for last year’s work. Here are 2016’s poems and their post cards… consider it an August in review. If you missed this year’s fest and would like a postcard, let me know. I’ll send one and it doesn’t even need to be August… 

Park slant and  drive curly.

Put Granny shotgun, and 

hit the day early

in your Foster Grants.

This big country is full

of crannies and nooks

you can’t find in books.

Hook left. Look!

The rutted road

takes you there.





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