2017, ho!

Consider the new year full of bright, untrampled days. Pull up your boots, and venture ho! You’re made of sturdy stuff and we can meet the slings and arrows hand in hand.

Remember, we’re stronger together. A band of brothers negotiating this still-blue planet during culturally and environmentally fragile times.

Never lose hope.

Always pay attention.

Support your causes. 

In case of despair, break the glass and delight in small luxuries: flowery Earl Grey tea, a debate over Star Trek captains (Janeway!), Miley Cyrus hitting a Dylan tune out of the park, postcard poems, a burst of sweet clementine on your tongue…

Or as Special Agent Dale Cooper said: every day give yourself a present.

You get the drill. Fill in your favorites. 

Let this be the year you read Beowulf, finish your novel, learn the xylophone, run for mayor. Whatever it is… do it with aplomb. 

Happy new year!



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