NaPoWriMo Day 10: J is for Joy and the two Janes…

Joy Harjo’s Fire speaks to me as a feminist poem that addresses our relationship with nature.  I first read it in the early 90’s in Sisters of the Earth – a wonderful collection of poems, essays, and stories.  Here’s a snip:

look at me    

i am not a separate woman    

i am a continuance    

of blue sky.  

(I was originally going to feature the two Janes on my shelf: Jane Kenyon and Jane Hirshfield… instead I’ve made it easy to seek them out  by hyperlinking their names to a site where you can taste their work.)  Now without further ado, my NaPoWriMo poem-of-the-day:

Oh, Red Riding Hood,a3

You were set up!

That wolf, he knew-

He wanted what you had,

but never expected

 a cunning fox

dressed in sheeps’ clothing!


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