NaPoWriMo Day 7: G is for Garrison Keillor

I’m so fond of Garrison Keillor.  His name even sounds like a poem. Garrison Keillor.  Writer, host of A Prairie Home Companion…  He brings us the Writer’s Almanac on NPR each day, and reads poetry to us in a voice that sounds like it should be echoing through the halls of Hogwarts.  And I think he may also love cats.

Without further ado, my NaPoWriMo poem:

Your shoes

It’s your shoes that get to me.

The way the shadows of your feet

haunt your shoes,

holding your place in the closet

like a bookmark

in a long story you never finished,

but wanted to.

Smith Avenue closet 1994


One Comment Add yours

  1. mbquilts says:

    The man in the red shoes. The man who gets me into my car on time in the morning so I can listen to him, telling about famous writers and others and reading a poem to me. The man who loves to sing bass and can pull off funny songs and then give a sermon-like story about a fictional place we all love and would love to live in.

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