NaPoWriMo Day 5: E is for Louise Erdrich…

Spiritual, supernatural, and mystical themes in poetry create a mood in which life seems dreamlike, less concrete.  I’m tapping into the work of Louise Erdrich for inspiration today- and I’ve had owls on the brain so, without further ado, here is my NaPoWriMo poem:

The owl. Unblinking,IMG_0253

there’s familiarity

in his wise, wide eyes.

He says he knows me.

He says he’s always known me-

we’ve always been friends.

Since back then, he says,

when the universe was young-

just a hot, dense point.

We were stardust then.

He blinks his wide eyes. He says

he’s always known me.

Today’s high-five goes to Louise Erdrich– I love her fiction- and have recently discovered  her poetry, with its spot-on imagery and reverence for animals.   My favorite poems from her collection Baptism of Desire are Angels, Owls and Bidwell Ghost I’m fond of the way she celebrates the mystical within the natural world.  

Here’s my favorite line from Angels (and no, I don’t love it simply because it is about cats):

The cats wind together in the barn.                                                                                                                   Their weightless bodies fly across the field like scarves.”




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