NaPoWriMo Day 4: brought to you by the letter D

The use of humor in poetry should not be underestimated…  So, today I wanted to write a piece that uses humor to consider a dark subject- our own death–  from a less dire perspective:

When death comes knocking

I hope I’m so old and haggard

I’ll welcome any gentleman caller.

My willowed frame will bend

To the graceful curve of his scythe,

I’ll take his hand and say let’s go!

I’ll let him know I’ve had a good time.

On a separate note, the poet I’m high-fiving today is Bruce DethlefsenWisconsin’s poet laureate for 2011-2012.  One of his poems is featured on the back cover of the 2015 Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar.  It’s a simple, clever haiku and proof that a small poem can carry a wallop.  It makes me smile each time I read it.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. mbquilts says:

    Roseanne I really enjoyed this poem. A good reminder to keep racking up the good times for the final report, eh?

  2. mbquilts says:

    oh! and great bonus haiku!

    1. veganrose says:

      Thanks, MB! I’ve had a long love affair with the haiku!

  3. JK Candlen says:

    Death is one thing all of us will face. But to be able to say, I’m ready let’s go, is something only a few will get.

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