To be on the cusp of another year- there’s nothing like it.  The clean-slatedness of it.  Movies to sweep you away, food to be savored, books to absorb the hours, music to slay your soft heart, and words yet to flow from your beautiful mind.

And that’s just the short list.

The world is vast and more amazing than we can fathom, and yet so small that we connect and reconnect in beautiful repeating themes like fractals.   Happy new year to you… embrace all the swirling chaos, the entropy, the joy and sorrow that will be 2015.  



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  1. Love the word slay. I need to use it more.

    1. veganrose says:

      So many great words, so little time!

  2. Stopped by from the A to Z Challenge but guess I was a little early. I’m doing my A to Z on farms! I hope you have a chance to check it out! This is the post for today, letter A

    1. veganrose says:

      Thanks for sharing your link, Janice… I look forward to seeing what’s happening on the farm(s)! ~Rosie

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