NaPoWriMo Day 13

NaPoWriMo’s prompt suggests using a kenning in your poem.  Kennings are a metaphorical renaming of something, and are commonly used in Viking tales.  For example, an oared-steed refers to a ship.  Well, I tried, but couldn’t come up with just the right kenning.  But thoughts of Vikings led to thoughts of tragedy.  The Bee Gees song Tragedy began running through my head, so a theme of tragedy is also running through today’s free verse.

Nobody asked you to shoulder

every bitter sorrow

across a lifetime.

Look, you’re stooped from the burden—

your battered knuckles

have dragged so long in the dust,

the tender white bones are revealed.

You’re not some tragic Greek,

you know.

Shrug it off.


Maybe, you are tragic.

Carrying the weight of the world

       believing you’re the axis on which it all turns.



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