Christmas spirit and all…

375448_1656788694480_2023999887_nI’ve heard so very many complaints this year by people who just don’t have the Christmas spirit. All this getting and spending lays people low. If you’re feeling down, rethink how you are spending your time, energy, and resources. Christmas gift-giving is lovely, but if you feel you have to buy someone a gift and you have to spend a certain amount- maybe you don’t really have to do either.

It’s spiritually depleting to expend so much time shopping. Spending time together, telling family and friends how much we love and appreciate them, and extending ourselves to lighten the burden of those who are struggling… isn’t that what it should really be about? Volunteer at the homeless shelters for people and animals. Become a mentor at the Literacy Council. There are endless possibilities- and not just for Christmas, but year round.

If you’re feeling kind of down this season – it’s a wake-up call, baby.


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