On writing, NaNoWriMo, and such…

I find that the story is flowing through my fingers a little easier this year.  It may be, at least in part, because I’m writing from my desk instead of from bed.  Also, last year’s NaNoWriMo was a success, so I am more confident in my ability to extend a story to novel length.

Just in case you’re wondering, I present a synopsis:  Single woman owns a cabin on a lake, where she spends time alone.  One evening, she receives a text message inviting her over to the only other property on the lake.  How does this person know her cell phone number?  She creeps over to spy, not sure what to do about the invitation, only to discover that the cabin is dark and empty.  The next morning she finds the wine glass she left down on the dock now sitting on her porch.  Oh, and this is the same cabin from which her parents disappeared more than 30 years ago. Bum, bum, bummmmm…


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