And now for today’s writing exercise… see where it takes you.

July 14 “Vive la France”

Write a little something that includes the following:

~the smell of fresh-baked baguettes

~hot peaches

~a man in a beret

~the words “souvenir” ; “clink”; and “lurk”

The smell of fresh-baked baguettes hooked Gilles by the nose and reeled him down the alley.  He tipped his cap to the man in a beret who leaned easily in a faded red doorway next to the bakery.  “Bon jour, monsieur,” he called, and the man nodded, “Mais oiu.”

Gilles dropped his coins with a clink onto a copper plate, tucked the loaf under his arm, and walked in his long-legged stride back to the tiny apartment.  His wife sat at the kitchen table holding their daughter to her breast, but the child was too sick to eat, and she simply turned her head away.

He laid the bread down, leaned over her and took the baby’s face into his hands.  Her cheeks felt like hot peaches resting in each palm.  A shudder passed through him because he felt death lurk on their doorstep.  For a long while, he stood and looked deeply at his little girl, knowing the memory of this moment would be a souvenir.


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