Whose woods these are I think I know


Today’s 5 minute writing exercise is a little sci-fi-rific, a la Giant Golden Buddha.

July 9 “Into the Forest”

Pick up where the bold and italicized words leave off…

They were told that the only way to make it safely through the forest to the city was to stay off the path. So they entered the forest where it appeared thickest and proceeded deeper into the undergrowth.  Their plan was to stay parallel to the trail that lay to their right, keeping themselves hidden, but never losing sight of the path for more than the briefest of time.  Traveling the path made them certain victims to the dark wraiths that protected the city, but to become lost in these woods was to meet an even worse fate.  Each knew that the terrible specters patrolling the path were once seekers, like themselves, who became lost in this terrible, enchanted place.


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