And now back to the writing exercises… join me?

I’ve been delinquent with the writing exercises, and need to get back to work on the book. So here is today’s task as suggested by the Golden Buddha 5 Minute Writing Exercise… Read the section that is bolded and italicized and then continue with your own extension of the story…

February 27 “Down into the Cellar”

The ancient door creaked open and from the darkness she caught of a whiff of something like old apples. She pulled the string to the light bulb; the stairwell remained dark. “Bulb’s dead,” he said.

“Well, perhaps we should wait until morning,” she replied, looking up at him.  He was backlit by a mere crescent of moon, and seemed no more substantial than a shadow.  He didn’t answer at first, but descended toward her until she felt him just an inch away.

“We’ve come this far,” he whispered.  “Don’t be afraid.”

But every aspect of this moment was ripe with fear, and it was only with great trepidation that she continued down the steps.  At the bottom, she turned back, but he was no longer behind her.  There was nothing but a dim square of light with the night sky so far out of reach.

She started back up toward the safety of the night air, but an arm was suddenly around her waist pulling her back into the darkness. She felt nothing but the arm around her and she leaned back into him, her feet pedaling but unable to touch the ground.  His lips grazed her neck and she shuddered.


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