What do vegans eat?

Vegans eat very well.  And before anyone who knows me calls me out as the vegetarian, or more accurately, the flexitarian, that I am, please know that I am striving for veganhood.  So, on that note, I am cooking vegan meals every weekend to sustain me through the week  toward that goal.

First, from a site called Cuisine Juction, I made these fabulous Spinach and Shiitake Mushroom Phyllo Turnovers – finally overcoming my fear of phyllo.  I became so confident dealing with the whisper thin sheets of pastry, I also made a pie version. The pie version was even better, because the portions had a nice filling-to-phyllo ratio.

The recipe is basically a saute of garlic, onion, and spinach mixed with a base of tofu creamed with miso and lemon juice.  These were delicious and are just one great reason to keep dried shiitakes on hand.

Another new recipe I made on Sunday was from Isa Chandra’s website Post Punk Kitchen.  Her Phyllo Tempeh Reuben recipe is incredible.  It is a mix of tempeh, onion and seasonings, topped with a creamy sundried tomato cashew spread and saurkraut, which is then baked in a phyllo turnover.

I froze them with a slip of parchment in between, making them a cinch to pull one or two out for lunch.  They heated up nicely in the microwave on high for a minute and ten seconds.  I’m have not been a big tempeh fan, but savory recipes like this are changing my mind.

I also made Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup from a Candle Cafe Cookbook recipe that was featured on another blog called Sweet Cheeks.  It was easy to make with ingredients on hand.  Next time I’d change the last step that calls for 4 tbs of flour to thicken the soup.   I’d use only 1-2 tbs next time, but that’s me.  I think this recipe would also be nice with a cup of chopped carrots for color.  My issue with mushroom soups is that they tend to be rather grey and dull looking.  Some carrots, and maybe a sprinkle of chopped raw red pepper on the top would have this soup looking kind of snappy.  You can see I threw parsley on for color.

Lastly, mea culpa, this post was supposed to go onto my Hey!Vegan! blog, but I’m too lazy to redo, so enjoy here on Work in the Margins.  Maybe I should combine the two blogs into one, anyway… we’ll see…


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