Stop nagging me on day 7…

Today the Giant Golden Buddha is looking for dialogue…

“Gordon, did you remember to pack an umbrella.”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Which one?”

“The one you handed me and told me to put in my suitcase.”

A moment later, “Gordon?”


“What about the binoculars?”


“And the guidebook?”


“Did you remember the sunscreen?”

Gordon paused .  “No, I don’t believe I did.  We’ll get some down there.”

“Oh for goodness sake, Gordon!  I can’t rely on you to get anything right.  That’s why I don’t trust you to carry the travel documents.  I’d be a wreck worrying about what you did or did not forget.”

They were next at the ticket counter to check their bags.  He handed each of their heavy bags over to the airline agent to be tagged for transport to their final destination in Florida.   Nadine took out their tickets and Gordon handed the agent his driver’s license.

“M’am, I need your ID,” the young woman with the ponytail at the Delta counter said.  Nadine paled as she dug into her purse.  She realized her wallet was on the kitchen table.


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