What day 5 smells like…

See if you can guess the nature of the day’s writing challenge from Giant Golden Buddha

The moon smells of fresh linen hanging on the line in a midnight breeze.

Sadness smells of must and boiled cabbage in the stairwell of a third-floor walk up of an old woman.

A child’s joy in watching a soap bubble smells like a fistful of sweet peas.

Grief smells like a room full of carnations.

Cowardice smells like sweat.

Snow smells like a breath of sharp eucalyptus.

Velcro smells like money each time I open my wallet.

That nasty letter smells like breath of a woman with too many years behind her and too many bourbons.

Silver smells like a sip of ice-cold gin.

Mystery smells like dank alleys, smoky bars, and the cologne of a man wearing an eye patch.

Sand smells like the shell of an oyster left homeless at low tide.

The sidewalk in summer smells sticky like fumbled ice cream treats.

The middle of the earth smells like a service station.

Purple smells tangy like early autumn grapes.

A contented dog napping smells like a wool blanket in heat of the sun.

A cloudless spring sky smells like a spray of lavender.

Gold smells like the lobby of a posh hotel in Cannes.

A dollar bill smells like a musty pocket until you spend it on an armful of flowers.


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