Day 4 and a hundred years ago…

Today the Giant Golden Buddha suggests that we conjecture about the past…

Turning a patch of soil behind the house, I felt a muted clank, the distinct contact of metal on metal.  I didn’t hear it so much as feel it transferred up the long wooden handle of my spade and through my garden gloves.  I buried the head of the shovel again gingerly, to dislodge the object from the bed where my peas and spinach would eventually lie.

A muddy clump surfaced, and I punched away the dirt with my thumbs, revealing a rusted horseshoe.  I looked up at my small farmhouse; the original structure was built in the late 1700s.  The barn is now a two-car garage, but a brick remnant of chimney still stands between the windows in the loft.  You can see where the horse stall stood, and  there is a door where horses would have entered and left.  I was curious about the horse who wore this shoe and like to imagine it was a dusty white mare with brown patches and a brown mane, named Doris.

The families who lived here 100, 200 years before us were farmers. I held up the horseshoe to my neighbor.  He crossed over from his own garden and shared the story of how he and his son unearthed a horse skeleton one year.  We both smiled at the history of our space and went back to our work.  As I continued digging, I wondered what I’ve dropped in gardens over the past two decades and whether it was interesting enough to make someone, someday, pause and speculate about me.


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  1. Mathman1953 says:

    Very poignant observation indeed. And this observation touches upon the thought of continuity and what inidivifuals feel is important (or not) about continuity. A recent episode of the tv series House found a homeless man dying in a hospital bed and his only concern was that his passing would go unnoticed by anyone. We all desire to affect the future flow of events in some way , thereby somehow gaining at least a crumb of immortality . Were the previous tenants on that property likewise concerned at some point ? I’m guessing they were.

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