Day three and passive-aggressive grocery shopping…

(OK, so the Giant Golden Buddha theme today again lends itself to writing about an unhappy couple… )

The door swing opens; Linda enters with two armloads of groceries.  She goes back and forth to the car a half dozen times and the door bangs open and shut each trip.   Fred turns up the TV from his recliner to compensate for the noise.  When he sees that she has returned with the last of the bags he gets up and goes into the kitchen.

“What did you get?”

She doesn’t answer, and he begins to dig around until he pulls out a large bag of salt and vinegar flavored potato chips.

“These are too salty for me, I told you that, Linda.  You know I can’t eat these with my high blood pressure.”

He withdraws several other salty snack foods: pretzels, cashews, and olives.

“Hey, what did you get for me?”

“Those are for you,” she smiles at him and puts the milk in the refrigerator.


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