Happy New Year, or day one in the life of daily writing

I am up early, enjoying this quiet time and writing a little.  Also, I wanted to invite anyone reading this to consider the idea of the salon.  Historically, salons were gatherings designed to bring people together for discussions which help us develop ideas about the world around us.  I thought it might be fun to draw a group of people together regularly or semi-regularly to have an environment to work out creative ideas through discussion.  So I throw that out to the universe on day one of 2011.

Now for the writing exercise.  Directions for today’s writing homework based on the concept of clutter can be found under January 1 at Giant Golden Buddha.   Sculptor Alexander Calder (famous for his mobiles) defended his incredibly cluttered workspace and so do I.

The Widow

Adele considered the implications of Harry’s offer: a dinner, a movie. As she listened to his message on the answering machine, she scanned the living room.  Frank had been dead for almost twenty years, yet cabinets overflowed with war movies on VHS tape, stacks of old lottery tickets secured with rubberbands, and paperback crime novels.

The Student

Bradley sat, immobilized by the disorganization of his desk.  There were so many versions of his introduction and literature review printed and stacked at different angles that he could longer find surface space to park his can of Mountain Dew.  Articles supporting his conceptual framework were scattered at his feet, splaying out to such a degree that he had to leap over Popper, Polanyi, and Northrup to avoid stepping on them to take a bathroom break.

The Yoga Instructor

Jen was perfect in the execution of her warrior series, and she translated this need for the body to be at the correct angles to her students.  Yoga, physical yoga, the practice of asanas was meant to aid in quieting the mind, yet this is where she had the greatest difficulty.  As she moved about the room, she obsessed as to whether Tom had read and responded to her email.  On Thursdays she taught back-to-back classes without a break to check her blackberry.  During this three-hour span she instructed the group to sweep away thoughts that cluttered the mind, yet she remained preoccupied about what may, or may not be in her Inbox.

The Chef

Randolph surveyed the large pantry of his tiny restaurant with new eyes.  The shelves were laden with bags of sugar and tins of lard.  The refrigerator was stocked with a supply of butter and cheese, eggs, bacon.   His doctor diagnosed him with diabetes and recommended a change in diet to help him lose weight and prevent him from having to stay on medication for the balance of his days.  He decided this was the moment that he would no longer clutter his life with the behaviors that had a negative impact on his health.  With a notebook and his favorite silver pen, he started writing the plan that would redesign both his business and his life.


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